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AutonomyFirst: Fears


YouTube here

Channel here

Initially I wanted to do YouTube to help with my SaaS idea, GreenDeploy, one of my side projects. What happened was I procrastinated a lot in terms of producing the YouTube videos.

The way to overcome all these fears was to do this more often. On top of doing a weekly YouTube video for GreenDeploy, I'm also now doing a daily video logging in my personal channel.

If It Hurts, Do It More Often

If it hurts, do more often.

While video logging about my journey, running a business as an independent software developer, I may embarrass myself very soon. Because as you recall from yesterday's video with my paid customer work being like the Sun in our solar system and all the other side projects orbiting around my paid work

The Biggest Fear of Doing This Channel

The paid work is the one that is funding everything else. And there is a chance that I may not continue with the paid work. I may have to shut down the company altogether because a hundred percent of my current revenue is coming from just one enterprise customer.

Typically we negotiate a two year contract and the current one is coming to an end at the end of the year. Making a personal YouTube video about running a business as an independent software developer might very soon take a turn for the worst.

Despite the Fear

Despite this fear. I still want to do this because if I have to line my ducks in a straight line every time before I try something new, I would never really make anything new. So that is the fear I have. And this is what I'm talking in today's video logging episode. So thank you for listening.

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