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AutonomyFirst: Reasons I Vlog


Hey, my name is Kimsia. I'm starting this... v-log or vlog. And I just want to begin by talking about the reasons I'm doing this vlog. Basically there're two main reasons. I'll go into details a little bit later on. So the two reasons are number one, I want to get better. Number two is I consider this as an experiment.

Reason 1: Getting Better

Number one: getting better. That refers to a bunch of things like getting better at making the videos. Getting more comfortable with listening to my own voice, getting better at editing the videos, that sort of thing.

Reason 2: Experiment

Number two, an experiment. Again, a bunch of things I'm experimenting with the format.

I'm going to try with this daily video logging format. The content.

The content will largely be my journey: running a business as an independent software developer.

The other thing I'm experimenting with is the platforms like I'm going to start off with YouTube and Substack video posts.

And finally, the thing I want to experiment is the tools. In this case, I'm recording this on Descript. I bought this microphone, this whole arm stand. So we'll see how this goes. This is day one of the daily vlog. And. I'll be touching a bit more about the journey. In tomorrow's video. So thank you.

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