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My name is Kimsia Sim. And I run a software-services business by day and build products by night. I love building systems that bring together various skills and knowledge, including software expertise, process re-engineering, and even psychology.

My aim is to help ambitious individual developers like yourself earn more from your skills, while also assisting Fortune 500 companies in improving their cashflow by enhancing their existing operations. It's all about finding practical solutions that make a real impact for both individuals and big companies.

I write about building software, solopreneurship, and aiming for a carefree, autonomous lifestyle while keeping the software and solopreneurship as part of my life.

In other words, this is my superordinate goal.

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My philosophy is: I rather have a smaller group of rabid readers than a larger one that’s lukewarm “meh”.

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I write about achieving carefree, autonomous lifestyle via entrepreneurial efforts while staying true as an engineer


Entrepreneurial Engineer I am solopreneur and make money from making software. Currently: ~7.5k p/m revenue for past 24 months as of 2023 March. Next Target: pay myself 10k p/m salary Reason: Autonomy :)