🌱 Seedling — Django for Excel — book

As of 2022-12-07 Wednesday,

  • manuscript is at 4 chapters

  • largely using this member led Write Useful Books accountability group (https://lu.ma/wednesday-night-authors) hosted by Brian McCann

  • most of the tactical advice comes from Part Time Author course

  • using Amazon KDP to publish once done

Why This? Why Me? Why Now?

My main source of revenue requires me to be quite good with using Django for:

1.     reading Excel files as part of a business process

2.     writing Excel files as part of a business process

3.     complementing Excel files to serve a business process

4.     replacing Excel files altogether to serve a business process

There are many books that teach you Django. There are many books that teach you Excel. Heck, there’s even a book that teaches you how to use Python with Excel.

But, at the time of writing this book, there’s no book that covers how to use Django with Excel.

And that’s my first reason for writing this book.

My second reason, and the bigger reason, for writing this book is most books on programming do not talk about the context that the code or system lives in.

As an independent software contractor, customers don’t hire me to write code. They hire me to solve problems. They almost never ask me what language I use. Only when I can deliver the results.

So, I’m not interested to just write a programming book.

I’m writing a highly specific programming book that serves specific business objectives based on my experience of building such a system that processes over a billion dollars of revenue for my MNC customer.

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