I love the honesty, KimSia. It takes courage to tell the truth. I think owning your time is important, though I'm much further from that than you are. And I'm actually glad to know it's not as easy as some folks make it seem; otherwise, I might have given up thinking it's impossible for me (personally) to attain.

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> it's not as easy as some folks make it seem;

Different people have different speed

Took me abt 10 years since I first wrote first line of code for current pillar customer

More if you include the time since quitting my first serious job

Since diff people have diff speeds in diff areas, it's better off if you pick something you really care about (7/10 will not do. it has to be a 9/10 at least)

When you pick something you really care about, then it matters less how long it takes. If it takes a short time, it's a bonus. If it takes a long time, you're already in.

For me, paradoxically, I would have taken less time if I was more relaxed about how long it takes and more serious about how badly I wanted it.

> It takes courage to tell the truth.

If that's the case, thankfully, it takes practice to get better at courage.

Check out my response to Sam in particular the 3 step that involves enough mileage in terms of exposure and acceptance of low quality reps at the beginning https://www.entrepreneurial.engineer/p/own/comment/15733965

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def — one big hurdle is that the learner has to decide to learn

which runs counter to how we implement education now

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Modern education always conjures in me a mental image of force feeding geese to produce foie gras


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the slow bits at the beginning of any process are both necessary and unpleasant

disruptions are more likely to enable leisure and learning if they are explicitly framed that way

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> explicitly framed that way

Strong agree

I now see how most teachers in my life who are good at teaching me

One thing they do very well for me is they explicitly do this

That’s one problem with self learning

Nobody in position of authority explicitly do that for me

Oh and repeatedly cause I’m a stupid nerd 🤓 who forgets so I need the constant reminder

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> No two paths look exactly the same even if they may end up in the same destination.

A great point. And even seemingly similar destinations can be starkly different because the fundamental “why” is different for each person.

Q: How did you stop yourself from the temptation of always putting clients first at the expense of going go-karting whilst still maintaining a client-first attitude?

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Great question, Sam

I have come to realize I used to take a rationalist approach to everything by default esp when trying behavior change

A rationalist approach to behavior change is like trying to learn how to swim or ride a bike by reading from a textbook

That of course goes against how people actually learn those skills

The only way to learn is:

1. Just do it

2. Accept you’re gonna get bruises or choke on water at the early phases

3. Clock enough mileage in 1 until you no longer fall down or choke on water

I’m visiting my friend and his family this end of May

He invited me join his fam at Cameron highlands

Now that I have an emotional understanding of 1 &2 I’m taking advantage of the momentum and schedule more activity over the next few weeks

So that I quickly hit the threshold that no.3 indicates is there

If you’re anything like me I will say

1. Don’t be too rational

2. Don’t be too perfect

- Enough (reps even if imperfect so that be )

- Effective (until you can start worrying abt)

- Efficient ( after which you can choose to focus on)

- Elegant (which then is Art)

Most people (I mean me actually) are at Effecttive stage but worry abt Efficient

Or at Enough but worry abt Effective (also me)

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