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Hi KimSia. Testing out this functionality as well.

Interestingly, not billed as a thread (assuming that Test Thread in the title was added by you) in the web app and iOS app. So, to me, looks like another issue of your newsletter that I can comment on.

So, I agree with you that it's not connected to a specific issue - I guess thats what the issue comments are now meant for?

I'm also curious how much formatting control you have over this. Does it take any formatting changes you've applied to your newsletter?

And in answer to your question: will be doing my end-of-month review and writing Issue 15.

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Thanks for commenting , Sam

Yes I deliberately put in the test thread in title

I published this only to realize there is a way to publish a test thread 😅

Oh well

I hope my subscribers can forgive me for the double post today

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