There have been more than one reviewer asking me about why still need to hire trainer if I can go gym myself

Which I explained above one reason is I initially use it as a way to first properly assimilate a regular gym going habit before hiring a trainer else it ends up too heavy a lift. Needing to incorporate both the new routine and whatever the Trainer has me doing

But I thought I should also add similar sentiments by other people

Here’s a quote by James clear who’s the author of best selling atomic habits

“If you show up at the gym 5 days in a row—even for 2 minutes—you're casting votes for your new identity. You’re not worried about getting in shape. You’re focused on becoming the type of person who doesn’t miss workouts.”

So this is relevant in my case. But I wasn’t thinking in terms of identity whilst I was doing it though

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Oct 19, 2022·edited Oct 19, 2022Author

I’m going to experiment with using comments as a way to add more postscript commentary across time

This includes ping backs

This is about having conversation

With various versions of myself along this timeline and with other people too

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Amazing newsletter, KimSia! You really took everyone's feedback and made huge progress from the last issue. I love the visuals you added in especially the progress over time graph, I found that really helped me understand the concept better.

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