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I'm a fan of Loom, however I'm not sure it's the best for building up documentation.

Loom videos aren't easily searchable, so you have to write a bunch of keywords, and secondly, you can't skim read a video. Yes, you can watch in 2x speed, but there's nothing that beats the speed of quickly skim reading and figuring out if it's what you needed or not.

I do wonder if there's a product idea here... create documentation via Loom, but then automatically transcribe the audio and use AI to rewrite and format it as a proper document. πŸ€”

Anyway, am definitely still a Loom fan, and will try utilise your idea for async client communication more!

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I did say I want to share 3 things I want to try or am trying to improve my remote work life:

1. Learn more about remote-fractional roles by helping a non-technical friend in my MicroConf mastermind find a fractional CTO. Already reached out to Louie Bacaj (https://twitter.com/Lbacaj) and Sergio Pereira (https://twitter.com/SergioRocks) for advice.

2. My existing customer-users are very much in the MS-Exchange-Teams ecosystem. They keep sending me invites to meetings that don’t respect my calendar because they cannot see my calendar in their exchange system. Now working with Microsoft support since August 27th to make my google calendar available in my customer-users’ calendar. Slow progress, but still persisting. Last email conversation with MS support was 2022-10-14 Friday

3. Slowly migrate messages/conversations in Microsoft Teams with customer-users into part of the systems I built for them over time. Currently, I have 20 different MS Teams topics I want to migrate over. Lowest priority and also the most technically challenging of the 3 here.

What's yours?

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